Teaching At Loobi

At Loobi we strive to make every lesson an enjoyable learning experience for the students. With on-site training you will be equipped with the skills to plan an engaging lesson for students of all ages, using student centered language activities to practice new language in a compfortable environment.


In the Classroom

Each class will have, at most, 10 students, allowing for more time spent interacting with each perosn. The classrooms are also equipped with touch screen computers with all the necessary songs, activities and materials to teach our courses and keep the students engaged. You will also have a local co-teacher in the classroom with you, helping to organize the students and communicate with the parents (we try our best to keep the lessons 100% English, but sometimes the co-teacher can translate if absolutely necessary).


A Normal Week

In a normal week you will work 40 hours (full time) with two consecutive days off. You will have classes on weekday evenings, and during the day at the weekend (we work when the students aren’t at school!) During the weekdays you will have time to prepare lesson plans, create materials and help plan extra-curricular events the school is organizing. There are always other teachers around to help you if you need inspiration, or simply want to have a chat. There is also usually time left over for personal development, if you have a desire to learn.