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Our Courses

Hello World

A gentle introduction to classroom based English language learning. The course is based on the Mice Reader story books, in addition to lots of songs, crafts and fun games so the students learn to love learning.

First Friends

A comprehensive course designed for kindergarten students incorporating longer dialogs, writing, CLIL, phonics and reading (based on the Mice Reader story books).

Our Discovery Island

A more in-depth look at the English language across a broad range of topics. The course includes regular writing, CLIL, phonics, reading comprehension and listening aspects.

Key Features

The Loobi courses incorporate various important features to create an interactive and engaging learning experience.

Functional Language

we focus on functional language to get the students communicating confidently and effectivly right from the start.


we spend time in the kitchen at each level allowing the students to experience something they wouldn’t normally have a chance to do, not only that, but all in English!

Science & Math

with an ever increasing focus on STEM subjects, we introduce science and math to the students, in English, from a young age to better prepare them for the future.

Arts & Crafts

arts and crafts are used to practice fine motor skills at a young age, and encourage creativity and creative use of language when the students are older.


we use student led activities and an various bespoke language games to keep the students engaged and having fun in class. After all, happy student is a good student.